Topic: Pole to Pole: the Polish community in Britain, 1939-1950



Relations between Britain and Poland before the War, how they changed after the War started. Small Polish community living in Britain before the War – small so the the wave of the Polish migrants that arrived to Britain during the War had to be managed. Introduction has to state clearly that the assimilation was a success and that considering the circumstances it was well manages by both Poles and the British.

First chapter:

Nature of the first Polish migrants in the UK (mainly military), how quickly amount of Polish people arriving to Britain was rising and formation of the first Polish organisations. Example of the British cooperation – universities opening separate departments for the Polish people so they could finish their education which they started in Poland. British publishing houses printing Polish books and newspapers releasing articles about the Polish community (trying to create a good image). Also I wanted to make a case study out of Poles that settled in London, since it was a majority I wanted to use it as an example of how the Polish community grew there and how it was managing. First chapter is meant to touch upon matters from 1939 to 1945

Second chapter

Post War period, discuss the matter of many Poles deciding to stay in Britain and how the British government managed that (funding many programs that would help the Polish minority to assimilate better). Many polish organisations were closed down due to the lack of funding (no more recognition from the British government for the Polish government in the exile) – anti assimilation side. Chances that Polish people were given with regards to employment and education which are the main factor of creating a useful migrant. How careers of the migrants that decided to stay looked like in Britain.

Conclusion: taken the circumstances under the migration happened (war) Polish minority adapted well with the help with the British government.

Writing in third person, historiography in the essay (make it clear which historian makes certain argument)

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