Topic: Policy Analysis : To what extent does Australian asylum seeker policy conforms to international human rights standard?

Order Description*To analyse the question you have to use the EXTERNAL POLICY ANALYSING METHOD!

*You can use sub-headings if you think this improves the structure of your argument.

*You must refer to at least ten references. These references should include a combination of academic references (books and journal articles),
policy documents (from government and think-tanks), Hansard (if appropriate), and other sources, including media articles.
Demonstrate good judgment when choosing your reference material

*All references should follow the Harvard (in-text citation) style

*Marking Criteria – When marking, assessors will look for the following:

• Does the student demonstrate a good understanding of the chosen policy and the method of analysis?
• Is the essay an analysis (rather than a description)? Are the conclusions sound?
• Does the essay have a good title, and if sub-headings are used, are they appropriate?
• Has the student chosen appropriate scholarly references?
• Has the student used the Harvard referencing style correctly?
• Does the student write clearly and succinctly, with correct spelling and grammar and with a professional tone? Is the essay presented well?

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