Topic: Porter 5 Force model – International Marketing


Purpose: to provide a live example of how the Porter 5 Force model is used in practice and implemented based on a real analysis of a case study

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Breakdown of assignment:

Introduce the company you choose to analyze
– Max Brenner –
– Sabon –
– Michal Nagrin –
– Choose your own company

Introduce the market which you are analyzing
– Choose a specific country in Europe (eg Paris) or a city in the US (eg NYC)
Analyze the company using the model (give your analysis on each of the 5 forces)
- Force of substitutes: what is the risk
– Force of new entrants: what is the risk
- Force of suppliers: what is the risk
- Force of users: what is the risk
- The final force of the competitive environment – how competitive is the market
Your final decision on market entry with an explanation of why you would enter or not.

Grade breakdown- The Midterm paper is worth 30%
We will be grading your papers based on the following criteria:
– Clarity – English writing style – 6%
– Understanding – how well you understood the topic – 6%
– Structure – your ability to clearly structure the report based on our criteria – 6%
– Research – using at least 2 academic references + 1 media references (newspaper or website) – and use of correct referencing – 6%
– Argument – using a convincing argument to construct your case – 6%

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