Topic: Principles and ethics for educational leaders


Write an 8 page paper on principles and ethics for educational leaders. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize the various elements, forming a set of principles that one could use in a particular educational leadership role.
1. Organize it into topical headings (leadership principles).
a. Each heading must be a leadership principle and a guiding principle for the leader.
b. Under each heading, include (as citations) where the principles are found and how they all fit together.
c. Be sure that all the paragraphs under each heading relate directly to the principle being discussed.
2. Under each heading, include examples of the principle from any of the following:
a. Blackaby and Blackaby tex:t Blackaby, H., & Blackaby, R. (2011). Spiritual leadership:
b. Rebore text: Ethics of Educational Leadership,
c. Proverbs (Bible)
3. Include information from the Model Code of Ethics for Educators
4. Incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy.
a. The content must reflect higher-level thinking skills: synthesis, analysis, and evaluation.
b. The content must demonstrate an understanding of the principles and ethics of the Christian educational leader.

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