Topic: reflective essay

Order Descriptionthe essay is going to be based on my challenging behaviour placement. to identify and present 3practice based learning out comes, to critically reflect on the 3 practice ,and critically analyse the main issues arising from the practice using relevant literature ,reflect critically on strength and areas for future development ,critically analyse the implication for your practice. demonstrate use of an accurate Harvard referencing system , present a clearly constructed and coherent essay. I have chosen 3 practical skills 1, communication with patient who has communication proplem. 2 wound healing chosen patient had multiple ulcer and big pressure sore on sacrum area during my 12weeks I did change the dressing daily and the pressure was almost healing by the end of my placement. my 3rd skill is taking medication, the patient I chosen dose not take his medication Easley, but my mentor told me he likes student he said try him so the first 2 weeks of placement was not easy but after that he was taking his medication from me but some tame it takes 1hr sometime more.

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