Topic: Research Proposal

Title: “Research Proposal about Consumers Attitude Towards Online Shopping in New Zealand”


Part A (500 words) – Formative Assessment

1. Define the title of your research.
2. Conduct a preliminary review of the literature (read at least 5 sources of information on the topic of your interest);
3. Develop three research questions and/or hypothesis;
4. Each of your research questions must be justified by the references to the literature. When presenting your research questions, you need to consider the following: PLEASE EXPLAIN FURTHER THE FOLLOWING
a) the key issues;
b) the foundation authors;
c) the research gaps.
Part B (1,500-3,000 Words) –

5. conduct a critical review of the literature;
6. select an appropriate research methodology to address a specific research question;
7. Put 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 into a formal research proposal (see Assessment rubric for format).


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