Topic: The acceptance of Mass Customisation when shopping online in the US

Order DescriptionThe paper is apart of my dissertation. It is my literature review. I have section and subsection titles and many articles on the subject but no content written. I will upload them.

There is no limit on how many sources there can be
It needs to analyse current theories existing on the subject in an unbiased manner and relate them back to my research objectives which I will also upload.
**Needs to be in Harvard Referencing

**Justifies literature in relation to research question(s); clearly links literature to objectives; incorporates current or recent literature

**Critically reviews literature; contrast and compares relevant debates, concepts and theories

**You need to be able to justify/highlight why you have included each of the topics, theories,
concepts, models etc – their relevance to the topic of the study. For example, it may explain
the inconclusive evidence of various sources. You may have more than one chapter on
Literature Review as stand-alone chapter(s)

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