Topic: The Industrial Revolution: Revolutions in Family and Social Life

your paper should take account of the following issues.

You answer should draw on the arguments from the “Taking Sides” packet, as well as class lectures and other relevant class readings.

• It is very important that you QUALIFY your thesis and ADD NUACES (i.e. make it complicated rather than simplistic, for example by adding keywords like the war waslargely/primarily/partially/solely caused by XYZ… )
• Please use PROPER, COMPLETE CITATIONS for full credit. Please refer to the Style Guide on Blackboard

Option I: The Industrial Revolution: Revolutions in Family and Social Life

Factory Rules in Berlin [SB 20-3]
The British Parliament Investigates the Conditions of Child Labor [BB]
Taking Sides, Did the Industrial Revolution Create a Sexual Revolution? [BB]
Emile Zola (1883) The Ladies Paradise [BB]

Option I: To what extent did the Industrial Revolution constitute a sexual revolution for male and female members of the working classes? More broadly, how did the Industrial Revolution revolutionize everyday life, social life and the family—for better or worse— for the men, women and children of the working and middle classes?

Your answer should carefully consider the readings above, especially the “Taking Sides” packet and integrate this secondary material with the appropriate primary source readings. Your answer can use the assigned sources, in addition
to class lectures on child labor, everyday life, consumer culture and separate spheres. Think carefully about class as you craft your answer.

For ease and clarify of reference, please cite the Taking Sides Packet as follows:
(Edward Shorter, “Taking Sides” pg. #) or (Louise Tilly, et. al. “Taking Sides” pg. #)

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