Topic: The Older Working Adult

DescriptionReview the article, “From Veterans to Nexters: Managing the Multi-Generational Nursing Workforce.” (Listed below in References). Reflect upon the key ideas: the challenges and implications of managing a multi-generational workforce, common generational differences, interventions for increasing generational motivation, and strategies for retaining the older nurse.
Identify the demographic breakdown of employees in the organization. If you are unable to access exact demographical data, provide your best estimate for each of the following age ranges: 20–30, 30–40, 40–50, 50–60, and 60–70, and 70+.Describe at least two ways the work environment is conducive to older workers and at least two difficulties it might present. Support your response by citing authentic examples from the workplace. (Currently at The VA Medical Center, there are older employees (age 60-70) who volunteer at the welcome/information booth when entering the facility).

Propose at least four specific strategies you could implement to engage and retain older workers.

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