Topic: The Relation of Attachment Theory on Close Relationships

Order DescriptionGoals: The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of an interesting topic in personality psychology and to develop a creative way of researching that topic.

Assignment Overview:
• Think of a topic that interests you in personality psychology
• Research the existing literature on the topic
• Develop a research plan for investigating a novel question on the topic
• Develop hypotheses about the results you expect to obtain if you were to implement your research proposal

Assignment Specifics:
• 8-10 pages long
o 5-6 page(s) of literature review (using Lynn’s website)
? must cite at least SIX scholarly sources (with proper APA-style citations), not including your textbook
? should incorporate some major theory we’ve discussed this semester (e.g., psycholoanalysis, motivation, trait theory)
? should address specific problems/holes in the existing literature
o ½ – 1 page describing your topic and its importance to personality psychology
o 1-2 pages of methodology
? Specifics on sample/population of interest
? Procedure
? Stimuli/measures
o ½ page of specific hypotheses (including description of independent and dependent variables) and a rationale for those hypotheses
o APA-style reference page, title page
• Follow APA formatting and style throughout
Grading and evaluation: This assignment is worth 20% of your grade in this course. Your grade will be based on the following:
• Appropriateness of the topic
• Quality of the literature review
• Creativeness/appropriateness of the research plan
• Thoroughness of research plan description
• Sensibility of hypothesis(es)
• APA formatting/citations

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