Topic: Women in Islam and the Middle East

Order DescriptionOften, being woman is used to provide the visible and invisible characteristics for a
community or nation. In Tunisia, for instance, pro- independence leaders who argued for a
Tunisian national identity that is distinct from colonial French identity, used woman’s dress code
and behavior to argue for an independent Tunisia. After independence, these same leaders used
women again, to give Tunisia a new identity. In this sense, being woman represented the
collective–culturally, religiously, politically, etc.
Provide other examples where being a woman was used for cultural, political, legal,
economic, and/or ideological purposes. To underscore the pervasiveness of this pattern, you
should reference cases from different communities and different countries and different times,
not just women in modern Muslim country or community. For example, you may want to
consider if women in American are in some ways used to represent “American culture” and
contrast that to the way women are used to represent “Islamic culture” in Saudi Arabia, Egypt,
Iran, and/or Tunisia.
Consider this topic in ten (10), double spaced pages, written in Times New Roman 12
point font. This does NOT include your bibliography, or any other supplemental information like
graphs, charts, etc. You must use a minimum of five scholarly sources to make your argument,
including scholarly publications, books, academic journals, primary sources (constitutions, case
laws, letters, press releases, official documents), interviews, etc. Please keep your use of internet
sources to a minimum. You must define key concepts, explain the functions of key concepts, and
provided reasoned analysis and critique. The best papers will provide an original argument,
concise analysis, clear prose, and a clear comprehension of the material, amongst other things.

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