Topic:Final Paper – Psychology and Anthropology

explain the self, culture, and embodiment using theories from the course(readings from the early part of class need to be included here). Then using these definitions discuss your favorite full-length text from class . Specifically, explain how the book illuminates these concepts for you. Finally, briefly discuss the theoretical or conceptual reasons for why you didnt select the other four books.

you must discuss all 5 books — one at length, the other four in a few sentences.

my favorite book: Saving Normal by Allen Frances

other texts:
Culture and the Senses: Bodily Ways of Knowing in an African Community . By Kathryn Linn Geurts
Real Black: Adventures in Racial Sincerity by John Jackson Jr
Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil. By Alexander Edmonds
Body and Soul: Notebook of an Apprentice Boxer , BY Loic Wacquant


first explain self, embodiment, culture and the body
second explain Saving Normal and show where the book talks about the self and emboidment — this must be the bulk of the paper 3 pages .
third critique the other 4 books.
finally summarize why you chose Saving Normal and explain self, body and embodiment and what it means to you personally.

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