Attached are the PDF documents which includes the case study. Based on the attached documents and your own
research, please answer below 4 questions. Please note, any referencing should be in Harvard style.
Cases such as Bolton v Stone and Miller v Jackson provide examples of the different approaches taken by the
judiciary in relation to determining whether a defendant has breached his/her duty to take reasonable care.
Describe the tests used to establish the negligence of a defendant and explain how the law has developed to
make the exercise of these tests more relevant in the modern era.
Critically assess the defences available to a claim of nuisance. Do you feel they are fair or at least adequate and
what suggestions could you make for improvements? Justify your answer through a critique of the case law.
?The case of Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire identify the rules to be satisfied before a successful
claim as a secondary victim could be made. The judgment demonstrates the problems and practical difficulties in
successfully establishing a claim where the claimant has not suffered any direct harm, or feared personal harm.
As such, liability for psychiatric damage in such cases is rarely held and for all practical purposes should be
abolished.? Critically analyse the above statement.
With specific reference to case law, explain the rules establishing the doctrine of vicarious liability. Identify the
justifications for the doctrine?????? and assess how many are still appropriate to businesses in the modern era.

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