Tourism Planning and Development

Instructions to candidates:

This is a take home examination paper. You have a full week to research and submit your completed exam  paper to me

You are permitted to research your answers, but you must cite all references you use.


Answer all THREE questions.  Total marks for Section A = 30 marks. [One page per answer]

1. Describe and discuss the three planning scales identified by Gunn and Var (2002).  Provide examples from your home town.

  1. What are the five components of supply as identified by Gunn and Var (2002)? Describe each component in detail, and attempt a preliminary analysis of your home town.
  2. 2. Write a justification of the need for tourism planning in regional tourism.


Answer ONE question.  Total marks for Section B = 20 marks. [Two pages per answer]

  1. In the face of ever increasing globalization, local communities have the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the basis of distinct place attributes that promise a unique personality amenable for tourism.
  1. Discuss and critique the argument that tourism in Victoria is a case of either abundance in tourism resources or famine. What would you recommend to a shire that you assess as falling in the latter category.  Must tourism be ever present in every sub-region of the state?
  1. Critique the argument that tourism is the future for arresting small town decline.





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