Transformational Leadership Theory

The transformational leadership theory is appropriate for the proposed study’s conceptual framework. Transformational leaders use business leadership skills that transform employee behaviors and actions. Employee engagement with transformed behaviors and procedures are critical to promoting proper safety processes. The simultaneous cooperation of the business leader and the worker are necessary to the success of improving safe processes (Birasnav, 2014).

The objective of the proposed study is to ascertain what business leadership skills does the business leader use to influence their employees. How do they refine and transform employee thought process to encompass a common objective (Caillier, 2014)? The goal of the company leader using transformational leadership is not to have control over their employees but rather provide a clear vision that appeals to their employees, and lead by example (Smith et al., 2016).

The researcher of the proposed study will employ transformational leadership by exploring business leadership skill strategies that may be useful to the company leader in non-familiar situations (Fernandez et al., 2015). Firms in every industry have safety processes ranging from high to low risk. Each industry has safety specific tactics and strategies that must be achieved through their company leader’s ability to influence transformation (Smith et al., 2016).

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