Transforming Intra-African Air Connectivity

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Read the resources provided below.
Prepare a 2-3 page case study that explains the information provided, identifies the benefits/drawbacks of liberalization, summarizes the case study of your choice (from Chapter 3.3 of “Transforming Intra-African Air Connectivity”), and presents your thoughts.
Include an assessment of socioeconomic/ethical forces relevant to your case study and provide possible solutions for those issues.
Be sure to include additional research and resources to support your case study.
Topic Internal Selection
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Changing a Promotion System
Bioglass Inc. specializes in sales of a wide array of glass products. One area of
the company, the commercial sales division (CSD), specializes in selling hightech
mirrors and microscope and photographic lenses. Sales associates in CSD are
responsible for selling the glass products to corporate clients. In CSD there are
four levels of sales associates, ranging in pay from $28,000 to $76,000 per year.
There are also four levels of managerial positions in CSD; those positions range
in pay from $76,000 to $110,000 per year (that?s what the division president
Tom Caldwell has been a very effective sales associate. He has consistently
demonstrated good sales techniques in his 17 years with Bioglass and has a large
and loyal client base. Over the years, Tom has risen from the lowest level of sales
associate to the highest. He has proven himself successful at each stage. An entry-
(first-) level management position in CSD opened up last year, and Tom was the
natural candidate. Although several other candidates were given consideration,
Tom was the clear choice for the position.
However, once in the position, Tom had a great deal of difficulty being a manager.
He was not accustomed to delegating and rarely provided feedback or guidance
to the people he supervised. Although he set goals for himself, he never set
performance goals for his workers. Morale in Tom?s group was low, and group
performance suffered. The company felt that demoting Tom back to sales would
be disastrous for him and present the wrong image to other employees; firing such
a loyal employee was considered unacceptable. Therefore, Bioglass decided to
keep Tom where he was, but never promote him again. They were also considering
enrolling Tom in some expensive managerial development programs to enhance
his management skills.
Meanwhile, Tom?s replacement, although successful at the lower three levels
of sales associate positions, was having a great deal of difficulty with the large
corporate contracts that the highest-level sales associates must service. Two of
Tom?s biggest clients had recently left Bioglass for a competitor. CSD was confused about how such a disastrous situation had developed when they seemed to
make all the right decisions.
Based on this application and your reading of this chapter, answer the following

1. How might CSD, and Bioglass more generally, make better promotion decisions
in the future? Be specific.
2. 3. In general, what role should performance appraisals play in internal selection
decisions? Are there some cases in which they are more relevant than others?
Topic Gender Inequality at work
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write the paper : Intro paragraph (includes) thesis statement ( a one sentence statement that clearly explain the point of the paper ), note : ( use this ) this paper i will use the sociological imagination to connect my personal experiences of poverty to the current research on social stratification. in the rest of this short paragraph , expand a little bite on the topics you will be writing about .II.state your personal experience that you will be writing about spend 3 to 4 page describing this personal experience or situation
.III. define what the sociological imagination is , and give small description of it in your own word .IV. Explain the theories you will use to better understand you personal experiences by using the sociological imagination. V.conclusion.
I have to turn it online and the professor will check to find out if it is plagiarism , please make sure it is not .


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