TS Eliot Love Story

TS Eliot Love StoryOrder Description
Course Requirements:
Research Paper
The 4-6 page research paper will be a study of one of the works in our textbook. You are writing to prove a point about the piece of literature you choose, not to be informative. If you write an informative paper, you will fail. Your paper should have a thesis and 4 sources, including whatever work you choose to write about (your primary source). All sources should be academic or scholarly in nature (i.e. no Cliff Notes, Wikipedia, Spark Notes, Monkey Notes, etc). You will need to identify all sources properly on the Works Cited page and credit them within the paper using in-text citations. We will be using MLA style only. Please make sure not to have too many quotations from outside sources. The paper should be comprised of mostly your own writing using the sources to back up your own thoughts. This paper will be submitted via Safe Assign, which will check for plagiarism.

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