Understanding the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy

Understanding the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy
500-600 words, single spaced

Let’s explore the three realms of art: artist, artwork and viewer through the process of an earthwork artist named Andy Goldsworthy.
The film, Rivers and Tides, is quiet and beautiful; it won a few awards for documentary. Have the prompts in front of you and take notes on Andy’s commentary. This writing assignment will be based solely on this film and any further research you do on him on your own, the text says very little about this amazing artist.

“I want to show you something that was always there, but you were blind to it.” AG

Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides

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Prompts/Question to be addressed in your paper:
What the the 2 main influences of Goldsworthy’s work? What is he inspired by?
How does he work? Alone, with a team? Does he sketch first? Does he use tools or traditional art making media like paint? What does he use to make his art?
How is time (changes in weather/sunlight/tides) a factor in his work? Does time play a role in the work once he is finished?
What is he making? (In general) What are these artworks supposed to be? What does he consider his art to be?
How do we, as viewers, get to experience his art? Can we go see it or can we only experience the memory or documentation of it? Do a little outside research for this one…he has a huge volume of artwork that is not mentioned in the film.
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