Understanding the Control Theory of Drug abuse-as it relate to the family dynamics.

Final Project

The Final Project will be a literature review aimed at determining the evidence to support a counseling theory, technique, or intervention of your choice. In this project, you will explore quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research articles published within the last 10 years in counseling journals related to your selected topic. In addition to examining specific research methodology, you will also include a review of articles focused on program evaluation efforts related to your topic of interest.



The Final Project for this course will involve the construction of a literature review that can be used to inform counseling practice. For this assignment, you will have to do the following:


a) Select a theory, technique, or intervention strategy that can be applied in your counseling specialty that you would like to explore in the professional literature
b) Visit the Walden University Library to determine if there is sufficient professional literature available related to your topic of interest
c) Submit your topic to your Course Instructor for approval
d) Select:


1. At least five quantitative research articles
2. At least five qualitative research articles
3. At least one mixed methods research article
4. At least one program evaluation article for review

Your review should include between 12 and 15 peer-reviewed articles. Note that mixed methods research articles may not be published on every topic of interest. In these cases, additional program evaluation articles may be substituted.

Constructing a Literature Review

Writing a quality literature review involves a thorough knowledge of research methods and exemplary writing skills. A well-written literature review conveys the story of the research that has been conducted to date on a certain topic. Contained in the story is a critical analysis of the research efforts (e.g., design, procedure, sample, data analysis, and interpretation) and an evaluation of how the research can inform practice. By conducting a review of the literature, it is possible to determine if gaps exist that require further research. Throughout this course, you will develop a thorough understanding of the literature review process and the components of a quality literature review.

Be sure that the Final Project is written using APA format.

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