UNIT1 IP Basics of Strategic Planning

Instructions for Writeup 2: Monsters
Choose one human-like mythological creature that will have some cognitive differences compared to humans. I chose Zombies for this paper
Your paper should have two sections:
Behavior: a brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the behavior differences between that creature and humans.
Neurophysiology: this is the bulk of your paper, what you think the brain of that creature is like and recent research about those areas; you should highlight at least three brain areas.
Be specific, and explain why those neurological difference will explain the differences between humans and the human-like creature you chose. Use at least 3 recent (2010+) psychology journal article references* to discuss functioning of the brain areas where you expect there to be differences between humans and your creature. These articles should NOT be about the creature you chose: you are using the articles discuss brain areas that might be different between your creature and humans. Decide what is different about your monster?s neurology, and then find papers on those brain areas. This paper should be 3-4 pages, PLUS references. Use APA formatting?. However, do not include a cover page, or abstract.
Some options suggested by students (this is NOT a complete list of possibilities):
Superheroes (be specific; not all superheroes will make a good paper)
Make sure you clearly define the creature you are talking about. For instance, not all literature describes zombies as the same. You must decide on the characteristics of a zombie (i.e., from a particular movie or novel) if you are going to clearly describe how they cognitively differ from humans. (Note: you might want to stay away from sparkling vampires, unless you think sparkling is due to something in the brain.)
Note on plagiarism: plagiarism detection will be used for this assignment. Upload the paper to the dropbox on blackboard (you should be able to see your similarity score) and ALSO bring a hard copy to class on the due date. There are 2 key ways to avoid plagiarism. 1. Cite any idea you take from some other source. 2. Paraphrase everything you cite. Do not use quotes. Quoting material does not demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the material. If you had trouble with this on your first paper, it will be important to get help with this.
*See the librarians for help; try using a database like PsycARTICLES; this college has access. Your search should be in regards to recent research on brain areas you think will be different between humans and your creature.
?For help with APA formatting, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. Pay particular attention to citations; this should be similar to the citation styles in the papers you read.

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