Use of Force in Suicide by Cop

use of force suicide by cop
Unit 6 Topic: Use of Force in Suicide by Cop

You now need to submit APA approved abstract and reference pages with a minimum of five primary references-scholarly within 5 years for your Research Paper. Your abstract should remain in the APA required range of 150-250 words.

This is topic analysis:

Since the 19th century, law enforcement officers have been known to use lethal weapons such as wooden clubs. However, in the 1800s, they were issued with firearms to help them deal with armed criminals. Today, most police officers have started being issued with lethal weapons although they are high tech than those of the 19th century. The use of these deadly weapons has seen many people get injuries, bruises, and strains due to police brutality. A significant number of arrests have been conducted through the use of force by police officers. The intricate nature of this issue forms the focus of this paper: to find out how new technologies can help decrease injuries and assure citizens of more efficient control over criminals with fewer injuries.

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