Create your page 1, the cover page. Copy the topic sentence and support points from the box in your assignment page to page 2 of your new WORD document. SAVE. Find the resources if you did not save them from the References assignment. The resources are also listed on the assignment page.You need the full text of each article. You may want to print the articles to better read them and to find relevant evidential material. Read each source to find the supporting evidential material for each support point. One effective way to read efficiently is to think of each support point as a question. What are the drug manufacturers doing about drug shortages? What are the different levels of government in Canada doing about drug shortages? What are front-line professional staff doing about the drug shortages? Find the answers to your questions and mark the passages. You may want to identify which question a passage belongs to by numbering it 1,2,3, or highlight the text in an identifying colour, so it is easy to find the material again without rereading the whole article. You now start to create your written quotations for your paragraph.

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