Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Fetch, is a commercial venture that delivers people’s most required products to front door with wide network of couriers.The mission of Fetchis to carry quality goods to customers 24/7 across the city through the application that aims to have perfect customer, operational and product excellence.

In recent years, Internet entrepreneurship has developed rapidly in the world. The number and quality of services provided on the Internet has increased steadily and the fastest growing channelis e-commerce.One of the reasons for the rapid development of e-commerce as an Internet venture is the various advantages offered to the investors. The main advantage isthat it can be extend to wider markets with lower enterprise and business capital.
Fetchis a process innovation, which we can see a development and newness of delivery applications. Operational system is simple and easy to run. The firm supplies the products from different international brands depending on customer demand. Fetch carries food, baby& nursery, hygiene, basic electronic and kitchen products. After, supplying the products, the company storages merchandises in stockrooms to provide 24/7 delivery system. Depending on the growth, the company is planning to start with only three storages around the city. Third party suppliers will be involvedsuch us; 7 Eleven, Sobeys, Rabba and other 24/7 convenience stores around the city to provide faster and better servicein case of need. Beside the product delivery service, Fetch offers an option to have delivery from different restaurants around the city as well. After signing up to the application with acceptable payment option, orders can be easily placed. After ordering process, customers have an option to track the driver and be aware of the estimated delivery time. Every stock room will have a labour that controls storage safety, stock data transformation with online platform andthe firm itself.Drivers will make the delivery and the delivery cars will have the most demanded and main products at the baggage of the car.
Financial sources of the Fetch will include bank and personal loans. With the omission of stakeholders, demand for proprietorship dependson owners and the liability of their financial contribution. The start-up cost would turn approximately about $50,000 CAD including the advertising costs. The ads that will take place in the application will be a major source of income. Also, there will be a service fee after people get familiar with the app. The Fetch’soperational cost is not extreme. Fixed costs will be only labour costs, car and stock room rentals. On the other hand, there are many suppliers for our business therefore; negotiating for the price will be easy. Likewise, many online stores require cheaper outlet so that they can purchase more for less.
There is tight competition for the delivery application market in Toronto.Fetch obtains the competitive advantage of being a new and agile start-up company.Fetch’s competitive advantage is to obtain wide product selection with 24/7 transports. There are myriads applications similar to Fetch but none of them supplies wide product option with restaurant/food delivery. Additionally, Fetch offers a wide range of brand name foods, and basic necessities. Customers have the warranty of same hour delivery or to a time of their convenience as well. The piece of mind knowing your product will be carried on time is another feature that will make people’s life easier. There is no courier service that caters to Torontonian such as this.The firm is planning to build a brand identity through social media, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Also, brand marketing is another important subject that must be achieved before taking further steps.
Fetch considers itself as competence enhancing innovation that aims to determine and meet the market requirements with new and innovative features.
This assignment is a 600-900 words + Figures and Tables 12 point font Arial Regular; 1” margin throughout Proper grammar and spelling and use of APA formatting (Tables and Citation is not included in word count. )

Value Proposition: 150 words max (according to firm you choose)

Porter’s Five Forces (Table with a bulleted list of forces acting on your project & one overall hi/med/lo rating for each of the 5 forces + text justifying the hi & lo ones)
– After figure, which indicates the rating for each act, justify the most high and low ones with 2-3 sentences.

Example for Porter’s Five Forces (Each box will reflect the business you choose)
Example; For Supplier Power; There are few number of suppliers, suppliers are differentiated, high switching cost between suppliers, high bargaining power of suppliers. (These will be in point form inside the chart. )
Stake Holder Analysis

(Figure including all the stakeholders & hi/lo influence rating for each + text with justification for hi ones)

– In this section, there should be a graph like this, which indicates all the stakeholders of the firm you choose.
– After figure, which indicates the rating for each act, justify the most high and low ones with 2-3 sentences. (Who are they key players?)

Trends analysis (Table with a bullet list of trends that could affect your project’s success. Text discussing the top 2 hi with justification

PESTLE Analysis to consider trends that would affect one or more of the 5-forces. Consider many different trends… • Political • Economic • Social • Technological • Legal • Environmental
-According to Pestle Analysis,insert a table that lists factors that might affect your business. ( write at least 7 factors ) – that’s what I did.
Example; (Be specific don’t provide broad explanation.)

Social; “Usage of application increased by %50 in last 5 years.” (Indicate if the factor is social, political, technological…) on the other side of the table explain in detail of how this factor can affect your business.

Key Opportunities and Threats to the project’s success based on the analysis above

Recommendations (200-250 words) • Top three strategy recommendation based on the analysis above. These must address the key opportunities and threats identified in the Analysis. Be sure to consider any of the following if they apply: strategies around IP, collaboration, core competencies, project screening and ethical considerations.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage (100-200 words + 1 optional Figure) • which strengths have potential to be a sustainable competitive advantage and why (this might relate to your top 3 recommendations)
REFERENCES (no word limit) • List your bibliographical references in APA standard at the end of your report • Not included in the word count
Key Words (highlight the words that you use in the assignment)

bargaining power of suppliers
bargaining power of buyer
complement products
organizational creativity
strategic intent
Process or Product innovation ?
Collaborative Networks
value and internal rate of return
net present
R&D intensity
applied and basic research
Threat of potential entrants
Ethical Innovation
Research and Develo

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