vietinam 1960-1975

This is Controlled Assessment ( prepared at home then done as a write up supervised in 1/2 an hr. it’s part
of History GCSE ( General Certificate of Secondary Education ) for UK schools for 16 yrs ol.
The controlled assessment contain 3 parts A?C ( this is part A ) which is called HISTORICAL
EXPLANATION. It assesses
students ability to EXPLAIN reasons, consequences & changes through answering a question asking to
The question for this one is:
EXPLAIN why US policy towards Vietnam changed during the presidencies of Johnson and Nixon.
The dead line is tomorrow so I need the answer delivered in 6 hrs so i have time to check it then revise it, it
needs to be 2 A4 typed pages ( about 4 A4 pages?hand written.
the focus of the answer should on three main reasons given by the teacher and includes certain other
points which I will send with the material which the answer SHOULD come from. It’s essential for me to get
a plagiarism report, and the delivery in 6 hrs and the guarantee that the essay would be checked and
revised up to 3 times if needed

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