Voices of Freedom Book by Eric Foner Summaries.

Voices of Freedom Book by Eric Foner Summaries.
1. From Chapter 9(THE MARKET REVOLUTION, 1800–1840) in Voices of Freedom, read documents 52, 53, and 55. What do these documents, written from different perspectives, tell us about the changes which comprised the Market Revolution. (Chapter 9 in the book)
• What were the main components–things like steamboats, for instance– of the Market Revolution, and how did they dramatically change the American economy?
• What were some of the results of these changes?
• In particular, what occurred in regards to immigration, and how did Americans react to the newcomers?
• What was the significance of the Transcendentalist Movement? Of the Great Second Great Awakening?
• What does author Eric Foner mean when he closes the chapter with the section titled “The Limits of Prosperity”?
2. Read documents 59, 62 and 63 from chapter 10(DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, 1815– 1840) in Voices of Freedom, and summarize what they explain of ideas of democracy in the 1820s and 1830s(Chapter 10 in the book)
• As you read Chapter 10, the first section deals with general aspects of this theme. What were some of the basic ideas and practices which Americans associated with democracy?
• What role did nationalism play in the trend towards more democratic practices.
• What factors contributed to the rise of political parties during the 1820s and 1830s.
• How and why was Andrew Jackson such an important figure in the United States beginning in the 1820s, and what did his prominence contribute to the rise of democracy?
• What were the limits of American democracy between 1820 and 1850?
3. The key sub-topic from this unit is the reaction to slavery.(Chapter 12( AN AGE OF REFORM, 1820–1840) in the book)
• What was the reform impulse? What caused it and how did it manifest in US society.
• What were the main components of the Anti-slavery movement? How did the movement become more militant beginning in the 1830s? What was the movement’s primary message?
• Who were the abolitionists and what did they want to do?
• How did slavery and the abolitionist movement affect the American women?
4. For this topic, read documents 64, 65, and 70 from Voices of Freedom. Summarize what they say about the nature of slavery in antebellum America.(Chapter 11(THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION) in the book)
• What was slavery like during the decades before the Civil War.
5. Read documents 81, 82, and 84 from Voices of Freedom. Summarize what these documents say about the causes of the sectional conflict which led to the Civil War.(Chapter 14(A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: THE CIVIL WAR, 1861–1865) in the book)
• What was the idea of Manifest Destiny and what locations did it involve? What new lands did the United States acquire.
• How and why did Manifest Destiny become connected to the sectional division, based on slavery, between the North and the South?
• How did the growing sectional divide affect politics, including the creation of the Republican Party and the political campaigns of Abraham Lincoln?
• What was involved in the Secession Crisis and how and why did it lead to War?

The summary for each document should include:
1. The author’s name and significant biographical information. This would include anything which would help to explain why she or he wrote the particular document and which would help the reader to understand the document’s meaning and appreciate it intended purpose.
2. A brief summation of the document’s content, the main ideas which it conveys to the reader.
3. Analysis of what the document says about the historical topics which are being covered that topical unit.
4. You should need 4-5 sentence paragraph for each of them. However it is not long sentence paragraphs.
P.S. Please make label each question.

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