Wall street jornal :

“Twitter Rethinks Ad Strategy in Effort to Translate User Growth Into Additional Revenue”, Seetharaman and Minaya, Feb 9


1. From a user’s point of view, what is the main functionality and use of Twitter? What do you think most people use it for when sending out tweets?

2. From the standpoint of income, what is the business model of Twitter? How does the website actually earn money? Why is this medium less effective for generating advertising dollars than sites like Facebook and Google?

3. Why is Twitter having difficulty positioning itself? What mistakes has Twitter made? How is Twitter altering its business model now?


“Nike Faces a Tougher Bracket”, Russolillo, March 20


4. Why do you think Nike is losing market share to competitors? Do you see evidence that Nike is losing share in your day to day activities or your interactions with sporting goods brands?


5. What promotional tools from chapter 16 would you recommend Nike use to increase sales or market share? Give specific examples (for example don’t say “Nike should use online advertising and personal selling” – be specific who should they advertise to and how and who they should sell to and how).


6. Find any current business article and summarize in 8 sentences or more. Please cite the appropriate info.

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