Walter Benjamin and roland barthe theory doing projects using image only and words only experiment

Walter Benjamin and roland barthe theory doing projects using image only and words only experiment. How images deliver message similar and different from the words only . i will show images only for one group and then flash card words only for other group and see who understood it better and in what speed.

Final Project Proposal worksheet
Use this Final Project Worksheet to help answer the fundamental questions pertaining to your final project. Answer the who, what, where, when, why, how, and creative landscape questions relevant to your project. Write in a new document in complete sentences. Include citations, and a working bibliography. You will use this document to structure your final Individual Project Proposal.

What do you intend to investigate in the course of your project? What is your primary interest? What concerns you?
Who is your target audience? Why is this the group of people you intend to address? Where do they live? How old are they? What is their gender, race, ethnicity, class, educational background, etc.? How will their outlook and position impact the way they consume your project?
Where will your project reside? what are the characteristics of this site or sites that are important for your project?
Why is this project important? What social, political, economic, environmental, formal, historical concerns does it address?
When? Create a detailed timeline for your project. Create goals and plot your desired outcomes on a calendar. Do not end your calendar with the end of the semester/graduation. Create a long-term plan for your project.
How do you plan on executing your project? What methodologies, techniques, materials, and approaches are appropriate for this project. Don?t be prescriptive as to your results, but please consider what certain approaches mean considering your desired outcome.
Creative Landscape
Discuss projects that are similar to your own. Provide historical, social, and political context to your project by investigating the work of other designers, artists, and creatives.
Image Archive
Start collecting images/movies/audio/files pertaining to your Final Project. Consider which images will best illustrate your ideas and contribute to the visual literacy of your Final Project Proposal. You will most likely incorporate these images into your Final Project Proposal Presentation.

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