Water Planet

Water Planet

Nearly all scientific experts agree that the climate of the Earth is changing and that human actions are the cause. Climate change, by its nature, is a global phenomenon, yet it has variable effects in different locations. Viewed from the other direction, we can say that a multitude of local actions are together causing global climate change. Such a complex phenomenon can best be managed with global coordination, but a true global agreement to tackle this problem is fleeting, largely due to the differing political climates and industrial and consuming behaviors of different nations. The United States and China are two of the key nations in this challenge, due to their large populations and economies. Yet currently, these two nations are taking different approaches towards addressing climate change.

Your task is to prepare a report that answers the following questions:

Which nation do you believe is better managing climate change – China or the United States? Why?

The content of your response should describe and analyze:

1. The causes of climate change (125-250 words),

2. The current and foreseeable effects of climate change, focusing on one effect (250-500 words),

3. A description of how China and the United States are dealing with climate change. Consider the actions of industrial and political actors along with consumers, and consider how these actions might contribute to or lessen climate change (500-750 words), and

4. Your choice (including a defense of your choice) for the better approach to climate change; Circle back to the effect of climate change you described, and consider how it will fare under each country’s climate change regime (250-500 words). In providing the above content, your work should also meet the following criteria:

5. One to three maps, charts and/or images that support your report and which you refer to in your text, 6. High quality language, free of spelling or grammatical errors,

7. In-line citations with the author and date of the sources of your information,

8. A Works Cited list with full citations in APA format of those works you have cited throughout your text, and

9. Maximum of 1,500 words (not including your Works Cited list). This report asks you to do a lot in 1,500 words; be thorough, yet succinct. Word-count extensions will not be granted

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