Week 1 Posts

Paper details:
2. Click CMGT/245 in current classes 3. Select Week 1. Please read and complete all the chapters make 150
words for each one post after reading chapters 1 and 2. total of 8 posts. You can access each chapter by selecting
Chapter 1 ?>?????? Reading tab and then selecting external launch. Also complete the supporting activities as
well so a total of 8 posts from chapter 1, 2 and supporting activites.

1.1 Explain the importance of risk related concepts.
1.2 Select the appropriate mitigation technique given a situation-
1.3 Describe risk management best practices. Q

Learning Activities


C] I Ch. 1, CompTlA Security+ Study Guide

E] I Ch. 2, CompTlA Security+ Study Guide

C] so Toolwire? ISSA Lab #1

C] 0., Toolwire? lSSA Lab #2

E] I Supporting Activity: Cyber Security fideo

E] I Supporting Activity: Risk Management Best Practices

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