Week 6 – Pricing and Revenue Management Approach

Week 6 – Pricing and Revenue Management ApproachQuestion
Topic: Week 6 – Pricing and Revenue Management Approach
Discussion questions: 1. Outline a pricing and revenue management approach for a perishable asset. Describe the industry or firm in an industry; the product line / perishable asset; and their pricing and revenue tactic. What are actual or potential customer responses to the pricing strategy?

2. Has Dell’s retail sourcing strategy change in 2007 increased their supply chain surplus? Through what mechanisms did Dell expect to receive benefits, using the mechanisms from the textbook or other verifiable sources?

3. In outsourcing the total cost of ownership may not be fully described in the analysis and recommendation in making an outsourcing decision. What cost factors are frequently overlooked in an analysis? Why might a firm overlook the factors of total cost of ownership in the analysis? How can the often overlooked costs/benefits

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