Western Civ Journal assignments

Details in the Journal assignment file.
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Journal Assignments:
The purpose of each journal assignment is to show the instructor your ability to interpret and analyze an original document to produce a conclusion from the questions provided in the textbook.

The journal assignment should be 1-2 pages or (200-500 words) in length. You need to develop your answers, not just a quick 1 or 2 sentence statement. Add quotes your find to be most reflective of your interpretation. The work does not require APA style, as it is an informal product. Remember to use detail of the document to show the depth of your understanding. Each journal assignment will be worth 10 points.

For chapter 15 (in the pdf 472-473) Write one page
Answer the 3 questions in page 473 under QUESTIONS FOR ANALYSIS

For chapter 16 (in the pdf 526-527) Write one page
Answer the 3 questions in page 527 under QUESTIONS FOR ANALYSIS

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