Western Civilization

There is no “official” beginning date of the modern period. Some would say that modern history began with the Scientific Revolution, (which was the starting point for our course). Others would contend that the Enlightenment marked the commencement of the modern period. Still others would consider that “modernity” dates from the Industrial Revolution. From your vantage point as survivors of a semester of Western Civilization II, what do you think? From what point in your opinion should the beginning of the modern period be dated? Also, please comment on how precisely you would define “modernity”. Point to specific examples from our course to support your views. 2. Which event or individual person do you consider to be the most interesting of all those that you studied this semester? Provide specific examples of aspects of this event or person that you found particularly fascinating. Also try to outline the factors that would influence your choice, such as whether the person or event had the most historical significance, or whether something about it or them appealed to you because of your own personality. 3. Imagine that the professor has asked you to be her advisor in designing a history course that incorporates writing. What advice would you give her? How would you have approached the teaching of the course you have just taken? As professor, what would you have done differently? Which areas worked well, and which did not? Provide the professor with some constructive advice on ways that she could improve the teaching of this class. In considering your responses, please reflect on both course content and delivery. Please be as honest as possible. The suggestions you make may change the way the course is taught in the future! (please have each part at least written with 250 words)

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