“What are the effects of steroid use on the human body?

Research Papers.

RESEARCH ESSAY ASSIGNMENT : , 1500 words minimum(not included works cited page). Essays should demonstrate appropriate structure including introduction/thesis,

development, and conclusion. Theses should be appropriately engineered/modulated to cover the breadth of material presented in the essay. Essays must utilize at

least 5 different research sources which must be documented in MLA format updated 2016 (in-text citations and Works Cited page), if use internet sources add URL’s

topic #1 “How does tobacco use affect the human body?”
1.5 paragraph format. intro(with strong thesis)body(3 categories example heart,lungs,brain etc ) and conclusion
2. please keep it simple
3. this one its made by a girl
4. don’t forget in-text and works cited page.

topic #2 “What are the effects of steroid use on the human body?
1. same 5 paragraph format. intro,body,conclusion.
2. this one its made by a guy.

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