What is the greatest challenge facing business in the 21st Century? Relate your argument to one or more of the topics covered in the unit.

Paper details
answering the questions you must use at least two of the required and/or
recommended readings specified for the topic in this guide. You also need to refer to
other books or journal articles that you think are relevant. To answer the question effectively
you will be expected to use between eight and twelve quality sources. These should be
obtained through a library catalogue search.
Your essay is expected to present a clear position (thesis) with evidence to support your
argument. The essay should be written in the third person. The evidence can be drawn from
the media, arguments in the readings, as well as lecture notes. Since the purpose of essay
writing is to assist you in developing your capacity to produce academic work for further
tertiary education, you are advised not to draw materials from non-scholarly websites.
The assignment must be fully referenced, using the Chicago system, a font and font size that
are readable, and double-spaced on a single side of A4 pages.

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