What is the impact of big data utilization to built smart cities/rural development in India?

case study
The subject of case study: What is the impact of big data utilization to built smart cities/rural development in India?

(NO coding require)

Here students will be expected to build a review of 4–5 Case Studies which have a shared theme. The goal of the student in this case will be to both report on the
individual case studies but to also present a coherent comparative analysis of the Case Studies.

Individual Project Report. Write a 4500-word report (11 point font, standard spacing) which details the Case Study research project that you have been working on.

4500 words exclude the title and any references or appendices.

That said, the structure of your report should where possible follow the approximate layout of: •

Introduction – setting the scene and the topic under investigation •

Background Information – can include details regarding the organization (s)/technology/applications under review and relevant literature •

Clarification of Case Study topic / Question Investigated – objectives of study to help address the research question/topic •

Research Methods Used – Describe the methodology you will use: single in-depth case or comparative study; are you following a formal approach from literature; what
data will the method produce for analysis? •

Results of Research – qualitative/quantitative; interview/survey/desk based review and data compilation • Analysis and Reflection – interpret results to address your
question/problem •

Conclusions – summary of findings • References – properly formatted references that have been cited in your work (not a bibliography) This is an approximate suggested
layout and not a mandating of sections. ( If you have transcripts of interviews or similar materials that you may have gathered and you want to include in the report,
these can be included as appendices.)

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