What should be done about poverty in the United States?

Paper details:
Part 1 of the question: What do you see as “reasons” for poverty and how can they be overcome? Unfortunately
we have all probably seen how poverty makes people particularly vulnerable. Contributing to this problem is a
lack of decent education in low income tax areas, as well as ??????a lack of access to medical care and legal
representation (particularly in civil court). Keep these and other issues in mind as you compose your essay.
Part 2 of the question: As members of a society, what responsibilities do we have to help others who are not as
fortunate? Just as we have seen that there are a lack of resources being provided to our nation’s children (basics
of food and medical care), our disabled and many of our senior citizens also do not have access to the basics of
decent living. To give you an example, my great?aunt, born in 1900, after a lifetime of work, in 1980 was drawing
a social security check of $80 a month. Today, a single person, who is totally disabled, but does not have enough
work credit for regular social security disability, may receive $700 a month. On this, the person is expected not
only to provide shelter and food, transportation, clothing, and all the other basics of living, but also cover the cost
of the “extra” products, such a Depends (adult diapers), over the counter medications, and any other prescribed
medications that exceed the five prescriptions allowed under Medicaid. The person is usually alone and may have
no one to help shop for groceries, clean living quarters, etc. It is tempting to say that we bear no responsibility for
others and their problems, but what does that say about us as a society, and as individuals, if that is our answer.
Remember that you may answer this question any way you like, so long as you provide support and justification
for your answer. Again, make the essay at least 4 pages in length (5 preferred).

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