What tool will you use to measure outcomes (needs to be a valid and reliable tool)?

Note: Need 4 pages draft work first I have to have a draftin 2 weeks and finalin 3 weeks. I am not sure yet how many pages I need. Research of literature is the part
of paper and there are 2 more parts that will have to be completed in proceeding weeks. CriteriaRatingsPtsAbstract: brief summary of the direction of the project 8.0

pts 0.0 pts 8.0 pts Introduction to problem or issue in practicum setting 6.0 pts 0.0 pts 6.0 pts Literature Review: 6 single, original research articles (NO

systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or meta-syntheses) as to purpose, question, methodology, analysis, and results. Tabular format is recommended 36.0 pts 0.0 pts

36.0 pts Analysis: Systematically analyzes and evaluates relevance and validity of articles. 15.0 pts 0.0 pts 15.0 pts Gaps in literature identified. 5.0 pts 0.0 pts

5.0 pts Research Questions: Posed for pilot study and flow directly from the review of literature. 10.0 pts 0.0 pts 10.0 pts Follows appropriate spelling and

grammar. 5.0 pts 0.0 pts 5.0 pts References (within past 5 years): current and relevant to topic Utilizes at least 10 appropriate scholarly research sources

beyond textbooks. 5.0 pts 0.0 pts 5.0 pts Follows appropriate APA format 10.0 pts 0.0 pts 10.0 pts The question is :For CHF (congestive heart failure) patients

(P) how does remote patient monitoring program (I) compare to traditional visiting nurse(P) contribute to hospital readmission (O). OrIn patients with dementia (P) how

do bed alarms (I) or lack of them (C) contribute to the number of falls (O)?Sounds like a good question, next step would be a lit search to see if the question has

been answered. What tool will you use to measure outcomes (needs to be a valid and reliable tool)? Whattheorist will you use? Articles must be published since 2011,

peer reviewed, English language, human subjects and full text, no systemic reviews, no meta-analysis and no meta-synthesis. So far I have been finding wrong articles.

I have no idea what is the tool to measure the outcome.

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