What two countries are the easiest to start a new business?

1.          What two countries are the easiest to start a new business? The two countries that are easiest in starting a new business is New Zealand and Canada.

2.          What two countries are easiest to import and export out of? For importing China and Mexico, and for exporting Canada and Mexico are the easiest.

3.          What two countries provide for the least amount of day to export shipments? Switzerland and Bosnia are the two countries that have the least amount of day.

4.          What two countries cost the least in U.S. currency per container? Timor Leste and Singapore are the two countries that cost the least in US currency.

5.          What two countries protect investors the best? New Zealand and Australia are the two companies that are the best protecting investors.

6.          What two countries provide the easiest employment laws overall? Norway and Denmark are the easiest employment law.  Based on the analysis that I have come up with

think the two island countries would be New Zealand and Singapore. New Zealand is the easiest to start a company and also is on of the best in protecting investors which is very important. The other country is Australia. This country is similar to New Zealand and protects investors and is easy to start a business.






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