Wheelchair problem – prepare report and presentation

Detailed Question: please take look at it first,

it is including solidwork, and MATLAB

* need it to be around 10 pages ” including pics, MATLAB code, and the report

* please follow the steps described in the attachment

the problem we want to be worked out” the wheelchair problem

Problem: A wheelchair lift is needed to raise the wheelchair and person 3 ft from the garage floor to the level of the first floor of the house. Satety, reliability, and cost are of majot concern.

Report. A written report should be submitted on or before May 9th. In the report you must include the following elements:

a. A statement describing the contribution of each team member.

b. A description of the problem you are solving, what solutions already exist (if there are any), and the general concept of what you will do and why it will be better that what already exists.

c. Type synthesis of the mechanism.

d. Performance specifications.

e. Dimensional synthesis. You may use graphical or analytical methods. If your design is too complex to apply the synthesis methods that were taught, that is OK, but that must be explained in the report and you still need to come up with a design in some other way, of course.

f. A position analysis (and/or velocity/acceleration/torque/force analysis, if appropriate). The analysis should test the design for meeting the performance specifications. You may use graphical or analytical methods. Present results clearly, with graphs or tables.

g. Snapshots of the physical model or computer-generated graphics, in multiple positions.

h. Use f. and g. to convince the reader that your design performs according to specifications.

i. Appendices with detailed calculations or any computer code that was used.

Presentation. Groups present their projects in class in the week of May 2nd. Each presentation is 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of questions and discussion. Each group member must contribute to the presentation.

Because the presentation is so short, do not go into too much detail. Imagine you work in a company and you need to pitch your design to management, and convince them to invest in further development of your design into a product. They need to see three things: (1) that your design solves an important problem, (2) that you know what you are doing, and (3) that your design will work as intended.

E-mail me the PPT or PDF file of the presentation. You must bring either a physical model/prototype, or present a movie of a computer simulation of the design (Matlab, Solidworks, or any other software may be used to do that).

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