Why is corruption a critical element of organized crime?

so this task is a 3000 words essay to answer the question ?Why is corruption a critical element of organized crime?? So the question has made the assumption corruption is necessary element, therefore please focus is where corruption is an element. It is not always a matter of facilitation and business. Tutor asked us to think about the risk involved for an organized crime group setting out to corrupt an official. Also try to make the essay logically and make sense, engagement with the question throughout the essay, clear and consistent argument, supported with evidence. And one more thing, try to use the articles I provided for your reference, those are relative weekly required readings I have attached, you may have to use other sources indeed, but please focusing these papers I provided. And for your reference, I also uploaded the lecture slides, hope it will be helpful. For the numbers of referencing, it?s up to you, but academically, should be at least 15 for a 3000 words essay. If you need more materials or have any other requirements, let me know.

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