witting about the Management Perspectives and follow the instructions

witting about the Management Perspectives and follow the instructions
Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management

ORBM 102:

Freshmen Orientation for Business and Management Majors


Management Perspectives


March 5, 2017 by 11:59pm

Assignment will only be received via Blackboard.


You are required to do the following with each era of Morgan State University:

Organizational Structure –

Draw/design what you believe was the organizational structure for each

Centenary Biblical Institute (CBI)
Morgan College
Morgan State College
Morgan State University’s current organizational structure (you may be able to find this online)

After designing the organizational approach for each era, both identify and state why you chose that structure. (i.e. Virtual Structure – CBI closely resembles the virtual structure because…)

Organizational Environment –

Review the history for each era then do the following:

Choose two major events from each era.
After selecting the events, explain what was probably affected in each layer of the organizational environment. Remember that the internal environment is the organization itself:

(Example Below)

Event – Smith College, a women’s college in Boston, MA, has decided to admit transgender persons for admissions to its college.

General Environment – This decision was probably made due to changes in the areas of legal/political, sociocultural and economics. As it pertains to the legal/political field, Smith College……

Task Environment – Customers and Competitors are most affected in this layer. By allowing transgender students to be admitted to Smith…..

Internal Environment – As a result of this decision, employees, management and culture will change at this institution. Specifically when it comes to employees….

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