wk3 question 1

ias is one of the central concepts that is repeated throughout our course. This week 3 is an opportune time to review how research bias is introduced. This week we will look at how research bias is introduced in qualitative research. Bias has been described variously in our readings.  As you reflect on how bias is involved in qualitative research, please do provide a definition of bias from our text and an illustration of it in an example from research that you found.


  • Tell us 1 way in which research bias is related to qualitative methods.
  • If you find two or more posted before you with the same answer as yours consider contributing to

    our  discussion with another reply.   Contact me via a private message if this causes you concern.

  • Explore among peers and me in a discussion of the different ways research bias is introduced into

    qualitative methods.


Use the participation rubric, found in the Instructor’s Policies, to ensure that you are completing the criteria required to earn full points for a substantive message. Focus on the concepts with a word range of 100-300 words. Count excludes citations

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