WK9 discussion

WK9 discussion

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Subject Medicine
Deadline (Pacific Time) 04/26/2017 12:00 am
Budget $10-$30
Discussion: Security and Privacy
In this Discussion you will critique the actions of an administrator interacting with a peer leader, the organizational CIO, in a stressful situation involving data compromise. You are asked to think through various risk management strategies that might have been deployed to avoid this type of a situation in the future. Emphasis is placed on leadership behaviors and recommendations on how this leader might have acted differently to achieve the most constructive outcome in a volatile situation.

Video Prompt and Response: CIO with administrator exploring first access. Breach of security protocol.

To prepare:

Review the Protecting Patient Data I media piece in your Learning Resources
Reflect on the principles of security, privacy, and ethics as they apply to HIT systems and this scenario.
Consider risk management strategies for the management of strategic information assets using best IT industry practices.
By Day 3


Using the Kaltura video feature, submit a 1–2 minute video response to the Protecting Patient Data Imedia piece though the “Discussion – Week 9” submission link. Critique the actions of the administrator in her conversation with the CIO. From a security, privacy, and ethics standpoint how might the administrator have handled the conversation differently? What risk management strategies could have been used?
Once you have submitted to the “Discussion – Week 9” submission link, the Discussion Forum will become available. Post the same video response to the Discussion Forum.
You will now be able to view the Protecting Patient Data II media piece. This video shows how the administrator should have reacted in the scenario.

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