Working effectively with Aboriginal clients and families

Required Reading.

Bacon, V. 2013. Yarning and listening: yarning and learning through stories. In Bennett, B.; Green, S.; Gilbert, S. &Bessarab, D. (eds). Our Voices: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work. Palgrave Macmillan, South Yarra: 136- 165.

Booth, J. & Nelson, A. 2013.Sharing Stories: Using narratives to illustrate the role of critical reflection in practice with First Australians.Occupational Therapy International. DOI: 10.1002/oti.1343

Bennett, B.; Zubrzycki, J. and Bacon, V. 2011. What Do We Know? The Experiences of Social Workers Working Alongside Aboriginal People.Australian Social Work. Volume 64 (1): 20-37.


  1. What were the key understandings you gained from the Bennett et al. paper?


  1. What have you learned about narrative approaches from the Bacon, and Booth & Nelson papers?




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