world Religions

world ReligionsTwo papers are required describing and analyzing two different religious systems or religious traditions. Attendance to the traditions particular service in required as part of these analysis. Describe, and analyze the major areas of the each belief system. Analysis of the belief system should include the following:
1. View of God, no God, or deities
2. What serve as authority, holy books, priests, rabbis, secret traditions, etc.
3. Humanity and the universe
4. Morals/ethics/behaviors
5. Worship/or religious services
6. Death
7. Evil-how it is explained
8. Salvation and afterlife
The successful paper will include a summary and analysis of the service attended in relationship to the belief system or concepts of the system under study
Type the paper double-space, with footnotes and bibliography at end of the text, with standard one-inch margins all around.
Each paper should be minimum 5pages in length. Please include a discussion of the summery of service, significance and meaning of the service or meeting.
APA style or MLA is required.

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