Write a c program that accepts a month and day

A1). Write a C program that accepts a month and day (for example, June 14) from the keyboard as input. Store this information in one string called date. Call a function named separate() passing in the string date and the addresses of a tempmonth array and tempday integer. The separate() function should extract the two values from the passed string and store them into the passed variable addresses. Back in main, print the data in tempmonth and tempday.
(B2). Write a C program that initially presents a menu of choices for the user. The menu should consist of the following choices:

A. Create an initial linked list of students and grades.

B. Insert a new student into the linked list.

C. Modify an existing student in the linked list.

D. Delete an existing student from the linked list.

E. Display the linked list.

F. Exit from the program.

Upon the user’s selection, the program should execute the appropriate functions to satisfy the request.

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