Write a computer program as a win32 console application

Program: Write a computer program as a Win32 console application in C to take a depth (in kilometers) inside the earth as input data; then evaluate and display the temperature at this depth in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. The relevant formulas are:
Celsius = 10 (depth) + 20 (Celsius temperature at depth in km)

Fahrenheit = 1.8 (Celsius) + 32

* The name of your source program shall be p2.c and that of your executable program shall be p2.exe.

* Your program shall receive information from the user using the keyboard.

* Include two functions in your program, as follows:

* Function celsius_at_depth should compute and return the Celsius temperature at a depth measured in kilometers.

* Function Fahrenheit should convert and return a Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit.

* After your program has read the input data, it shall write the following lines as output to the screen:

For a depth of kilometers, the temperature is degrees Celsius, and degrees Fahrenheit.

You need to provide the code for Win32 console application

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