Write a paper about capital punishment and euthanasia

Now, it’s time for our opinions to come into play. In this unit, you will be writing your second major paper for this course, “The Letter to the Editor.” As you will see, you’ll want your letter to be focused on a current problem faced +by your community (or a problem faced by a group to which you belong). However, you won’t just be stating the problem. In this letter, you will also want to propose a solution to the problem. You will want to be as specific as possible. Choose a topic you care about, something you’re invested in. By the end of this unit, you may have a powerful letter that you could actually submit to your local newspaper.
Major Paper #2–Letter to the Editor

As this is a relatively simply assignment, we will be working on the letter to the editor for one unit only.


How many times have we heard someone complaining about something happening in our communities–but offering no solutions for the problem? This assignment is designed to develop your problem-solving skills and engage you in a substantive conversation concerning a current local issue. This assignment will also encourage you to begin seriously considering your audience as a writer. When you are writing a letter such as this, you’ll want to consider who will be reading it, particularly in terms of what words, examples, facts, or appeals might best convince this particular group.

The Assignment:

* Write a two t-page (600 WORDS)(double-spaced) letter to the editor, proposing a solution to a current local problem. List the newspaper to which you would be sending this to at the top of your paper. Begin the letter with: “Dear Editor,” Throughout the paper, be as specific as you possibly can in terms of:

1.) Defining/describing the problem and who it affects
2.) Describing your solution
3.) Defending your solution as the best means of dealing with this problem

As you’re writing this letter, also do keep in mind your audience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Papers on the following topics will not be accepted:

* abortion

* capital punishment

* euthanasia

I’ve already read more papers on these topics than anyone should in an entire lifetime, so I won’t read anymore. I encourage you to be more creative in selecting your topic. For the Letter to the Editor, you should also be choosing a topic that is far more specific and local than any of these broad controversial issues.

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