Write a paper about impact of social media on education

Write a paper about Impact of social media on education, culture and business
This is the paper. You must submit your document to your ePortfolio

You will be graded on the following:


Length: 5-8 pages.

Works Cited: 5 or more.

Proper in-text citations.



Identifies subject
Identifies audience
Identifies purpose/question
Identifies thesis

The supports that are presented are research based. Each of them should be introduced appropriately to indicate why they are being given and then explained afterward to make sure the audience understands what you are saying.

Transitions should be used to indicate links and changes between ideas you are presenting. Make sure that each part of the essay coordinates with the rest of the essay.

Finally you need to address opposing viewpoints or naysayers. Be fair and respectful to these views, but be clear as to why they are incorrect or what points you can concede. You can also use them to show what further research is needed.


The conclusion should restate the thesis. Then you may use any or all of the following techniques:


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