Write a paper on 3d printers or robotics in medicine

Exercise -Starting the Research Process

This exercise will have you perform Step 1, Step 2, components of Step 3, and begin the work of Step 4 as outlined on the Flowchart of the Research Process. These steps will be documented on these sheets, and this will form the basis of your Research Journal. Also, as you identify potentially valuable resources, you will export these items into a Working Bibliography (WB) and take notes on each of them. RefWorks will be used to store, manage and format your bibliographic entries.

Write a paper on the topic “3d printers or robotics in medicine”.

Here are attached examples on how to proceed or any topic can be chosen from the list.

Link to be used to complete the exercises are:

Attachment:- Exercise1_.rar

Attachment:- Exercise2_.rar

Attachment:- Exercise3_.rar

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